Winner: Favorite Woven Boxer

Calvin Klein Slim Fit Woven Boxer U1513
These boxers won the overall woven category because they address an often-overlooked preference for underwear that doesn't drown you in excess fabric and yet doesn't cling like boxer briefs. They're slim fitting and, as one voter says, elegant. Even better, they come in a variety of patterns and colors to add a little zing to your underwear wardrobe.

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Winner: Favorite Knit Boxer

Calvin Klein Cotton Knit Boxer U3008
A solid, basic undergarment: mindful of the lines of your body but with enough additional fabric to keep from being constrictive, and designed for durability and comfort. They have a devoted following, and with good reason. The fabric is soft, smooth, and airy 100% cotton. They're hard to beat, and this year they proved it.

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Undies Select: Favorite Woven Boxer

Mansilk Print Silk Boxer M333P
Easily one of the most popular brands that HisRoom carries and a staple of our inventory. These boxers are a lot like a tuxedo: the styling is basic and simple, and everyone looks good in them. The legs are cut to fall straight so they don't alter your silhouette, and the fit is loose without being billowy. With enough colors and prints to suit any taste, these are good for everyday wear, and great as a gift.

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Undies Select: Favorite Knit Boxer

2(x)ist Loose Knit Boxer 1007
These are part of the 2xist basics collection, and the new fit has been gratefully received; it's more body-conscious, and the two seat seams do a great job of making the material conform to your rear instead of hanging loose and baggy. Sure to grow in popularity as time goes by.

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Winner: Favorite Boxer Brief

UnderArmour Boxer Jock 1000667
Given all of the styles and brands of boxer briefs that we carry, this win was a bit of a surprise. There hasn't been one review under five stars for these boxer briefs. They are made for ease-of-motion and superior comfort. Add the fabric's wicking and ventilation properties and you've got a performance boxer brief that performs right along with you. They do precisely what the company says they will do, and many that have purchased them refuse to buy anything else.

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Undies Select: Favorite Boxer Brief

Diesel Breddox Trunk 00AEJ8
No matter what mood you're in, you can find something to like in this style. The fabric feels like your favorite t-shirt and the color selection can't be beat. Everything about these trunks feels just right, from the top of the color-coordinated waistband to the thin elastic bands around the leg openings. Whether you like a shot of concealed color in your wardrobe, or you prefer a boxer brief that is so light and soft you forget you're wearing it, these are an excellent choice.

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Winner: Favorite Brief

C-in2 Bamboo Mesh Slider Brief 3160
Bamboo is a fantastic fabric option for underwear, and your votes have shown it's definitely a favorite. It's gained in popularity for its environmentally friendly nature, natural antibacterial properties, and the amazingly light and soft qualities of the fabric. These briefs also benefit from the innovative construction method that C-in2 uses, including the "trophy case" crotch, which is designed to support and hold without compressing. All of these elements, combined with a low rise and high cut for a sexy look and feel, make these an easy choice for best brief of the year.

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Undies Select (tie): Favorite Brief

Pikante Shine Brief 8604
This is a novelty brief that doesn't know it's a novelty. The fit is fantastic and the material is surprisingly durable and comfortable. It comes in multiple colors, and several customers have been enthusiastic enough to buy a pair in every one of them.

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Undies Select (tie): Favorite Brief

Mansilk Silk Satin Knit Mini Brief MS10
These briefs are an uncommon blend of fabrics and construction with an eye for total comfort. The front portion is a silk and satin blend that showcases all of the best attributes of both without showcasing your attributes. The back is a silk knit that feels as weightless and soft as a cobweb, not to mention comfortable. Sexy and with lots of color choices, they've generated a lot of positive feedback.

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Winner: Favorite Thong

Calvin Klein Steel Thong U2706
Last year's title-sharer is this year's flat-out champion. The Steel Collection from Calvin Klein has always been well received, but the thongs have carved out a special position in their category. This item has probably received more reviews than almost any other item on the site. Between the unique blend and softness of the modal-like Steel fabric and the iconic look of the trademark waistband and bikini-style construction, these thongs are in a class by themselves.

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Undies Select: Thong

Clever Cotton Thong 0001A
This has been a customer favorite since it was first introduced. The color selection is fun and lively and, despite the need of many to size up, the fit follows the contours of the body and gives the wearer a feeling of perfect comfort. This would make a great introduction to thongs for anyone thinking about giving them a try.

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Winner: Overall Favorite Jock

Bike Performance Cotton Strap Supporter BASP17
This is a good jock at a great price. Whether you're an everyday-wearer, or would just like more support and free movement for sports activities, this jock does the job. Price certainly makes it an attractive buy for customers, but the fact that an athletic company produces it sets it apart from other standard jocks. The cotton-construction and moisture-wicking properties of the fabric pouch meet and exceed the needs of the average jock customer.

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Undies Select: Favorite Jock

UnderArmour Performance Jock with Cup Pocket 10000271
All of the performance capabilities and quality you've come to expect from Under Armour have been applied to this jock strap. It's lightweight, is made of wicking and ventilation engineered fabric with four-way stretch, has a compression fit, and almost in spite of everything it looks great as well. If you need just one jock, let this be the one.

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Winner: Favorite T-Shirt

Hanes Crew Neck T-Shirt 3 Pack 2135
Returning champion Hanes has something going for them that other t-shirt companies don't- consistency and dependability. Other brands play with fabric content and toy with fit, but Hanes' t-shirts are made the same way they've always been made and will always be made. For a garment that is typically worn underneath clothing, or for athletics, being a constant is important. Once again our voters have told us that it's more important than what's new.

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Undies Select: T-Shirt

Hanro Cotton Sporty Tank 3509
Everyone has their tried and true, go-to brand, but many people also look for a special luxury item to wear once in a while. When our customer reviews cite a standard that they hold other t-shirts to the name that comes up more than any other is Hanro. This tank top is cut with your torso in mind and the fabric is 100% mercerized cotton that feels as if it's floating around you. It's a great way to treat yourself.

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